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Series "Live against all odds" by Irina Didenko in Artego magazine (Premium publication/ New York, USA)


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Cover and series "Live in spite of" by Irina Didenko in Figgi magazine (Premium publication/ Italy, Milan)

Sun of burnt ruins/ Сонце згарищ

Illustrations by Iryna Didenko to Yulia Melnyk story "End of Connection"

A new book of Ukrainian fiction with a cover by Iryna Didenko has been released #books_during_the _war


Booklets and poster of the 38 Millersville University Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide (USA) with this paintings by Irina Didenko (Ukraine, Kyiv)

War. Ukraine

Irina Didenko's picture at the International Art Festival MALYUY.UA.WAR

A new book with a cover by Iryna Didenko was published #books_during_the _war

Ukraine. War/ Україна. Війна

Cover of the book "Outposts on Mars" performed by Irina Didenko

Publication in MARIKA Magazine (premium publisher)/ USA, New York/ of the series "Roads of Women" by artist Irina Didenko

Irina Didenko on the set of the TV program "Misia Beauty"

Illustrations to the book by S. Ilyin "Journey inside the needle" (Germany) "

Fashion-illustrations by Irina Didenko

October 2016: fashion-illustration International Biennale IMAGO within Ukrainian Fashion Week with the support of Vogue UA - participation

Интервью с художником-графиком Ириной Диденко

Борис Данкович беседует с художником Ириной Диденко

Irina Didenko - art director & art-pictures of the literary and philosophical almanach "Maga-rich" (2016) and "Maga-riche-yenka" (2017)